Refer a Friend Promotion Terms and Conditions

  1. The ‘Refer a Friend’ Promotion (“The Promotion”) is offered by TRSL Limited whose registered number is 02653200 and registered address is Unit 2 Wintersells Road, Byfleet, England, KT14 7LF.
  2. The Promotion is open to eligible customers only. Eligible customers are those who are aged 18 years or older.
  3. By participating, you agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions.
  4. The Promotion will run for a limited time only from 00:00 on 3 September 2018 and will automatically terminate at 00:00 on 31 October 2018 (“Closing Time”) (“the Promotional Period”).
  5. If you recommend TRSL Limited to a third party within the Promotional Period, and your Referral goes on to let their property with us by 00:00 on 31 December 2018, we will be delighted to reward you or a charity of your choice, with £200 on receipt of the letting commission received from that Referral (“the Referral Payment”).
  6. To participate in The Promotion, you must obtain permission from your Referral. Submit your Referral via the website form, on which you must provide your Referral’s name, address, email address and telephone number within the Promotional Period, you must also provide your name, address, email address and telephone number.
  7. The Promotion applies only in respect of new Referrals only. Existing clients or those who have been clients of TRSL Limited within 12 months of the Promotional Period are excluded, including those who have previously instructed TRSL Limited or for whom TRSL Limited have carried out a market appraisal or valuation of a property. 
  8. You will be sent the Referral Payment once commission or fees (as applicable) (“the Agent’s Fee”) payable by the Referral on the successful let of the relevant property are received by us.
  9. TRSL Limited will give you the Referral Payment within 28 days of receiving the Fee from your Referral using the contact details provided on entry. You must respond to TRSL Limited within 7 days of notification to confirm your acceptance. If you fail to respond within this timeframe you will forfeit entitlement to the Referral Payment.
  10. The Referral Payment is a one-off reward which applies only in respect of the first such fee or first tranche of a fee received from a new client. It does not, therefore, apply in respect of fees which may subsequently be earned from that Referral. Nor, save in respect of the first tranche of the fee received, does it apply to a fee paid in a number of tranches (for example, a letting fee payable on a periodic basis).
  11. The Promotion does not apply in respect of any other fees which may be received by TRSL Limited, including but not limited to fees received from Tenants, Property Management Service fees, Tenant and Landlord Administration fees or Renewals fees. 
  12. TRSL Limited reserves the right to hold void, cancel, suspend, or amend the Promotion without notice where it becomes necessary to do so.
  13. By participating in this Promotion you give consent for your contact details to be used in order to facilitate TRSL Limited making contact with you.
  14. These terms and conditions shall be governed by English law and the English courts shall have exclusive jurisdiction in relation to any dispute.