Many of us will know someone who has died or suffered a critical illness, which can have devastating effects on those around them. With our protection advice, we aim to make sure that you are aware of the different types of protection cover available on the market and the most suitable option for you.

Whilst our lives may be going well, none of us know what is around the next corner, but it is at this point that plans should be made, so should something go wrong, you are protected and your finances do not become a problem.

Why dot financial services stands out from the rest:
  • Mortgage Payment Protection – Accident, sickness & unemployment up to 12 months
  • Income Protection – If you are off work for accident or sickness, this will replace part of your income until you return to work
  • Life Insurance – Lump sum to protect different terms of your mortgage
  • Critical Illness Cover – Similar to life assurance
  • Movers Protection – unexpected problems when moving
  • Benefits of putting money in trust to ensure monies go to the correct person when the unforeseen occurs
  • Key events, starting a new job, getting married, having a child
  • For insurance business, we offer products from a choice of insurers, including contents insurance

How we can help:

For most people, their mortgage is their largest financial commitment and, should the worst happen, it would be good to know that your mortgage payments will be maintained.

Our aim is to ensure that you are made aware of the different types of protection cover available on the market and the benefits that these can bring to you. If you have any questions or would like to discuss a quote get in touch with our mortgage and protection experts. Call us on 0800 074 0095, email or submit the form today.