Property Selling Guide

How we help you sell property, quickly and easily

Property Selling Guide

Why should you choose Townends if you’re looking to sell your home?

People say that buying and selling houses are some of the most stressful, financial processes you’ll ever have to make. So, deciding to undergo the step-by-step procedure of putting your home up for sale, marketing it, organising viewings, managing offers and contracts, and then completing, all without help is a colossal choice to make.

It’s preferable to get all the help you can from your local estate agent, and logically, you want to ensure that your local estate agent is an expert in what they do. You’ll want them to understand the local market conditions and the benefits of buying a property in your area.

At Townends, we have 20 offices in prime positions across London and Surrey and all of our staff are fully qualified experts in their fields. This enables us to accurately assess the value of your property and include the benefits that living in your area brings.

We understand how stressful selling and moving to a new home can be and as a result, we’ll work hard on your behalf to remove all the obstacles. We’ll assist you every step of the way, from advice on how to best prepare your property for sale, to managing the whole sales progression process.

Townends is here to take the strain out of selling and buying property – leaving you free to focus on your move and the excitement that brings.

Book a valuation with Townends to get an accurate price for your home

As your local experts in selling property, we can help you with essential information like knowing the exact value of your house. This empowers you to make the right decisions regarding pricing your home using market comparables.

We’ll send one of our fully qualified property experts around to your house for an in-depth valuation completely free of charge.

At Townends, we know that every property is unique and the benefit of getting a Townends appraisal is that we consider more than just the house itself. We always take into account location factors, the type of residence and even the local surrounding area as a whole. Our team really takes the time to get to know the property so that we can learn all the nuances that will add value, meaning a better price for you.

Instructing Townends to sell your home

Once one of our experts has finished the free valuation of your home and you’ve decided to start the process of selling, we need to formally enter a partnership and you’ll have to instruct us to sell your home.

When you choose to sell your home with Townends, we’ll look after you every step of the way. Our specific Branch Teams, Conveyancing Panel and Sales Progression Team will all take care of each part of the selling procedure as it arises and what’s more, we also have an in-house team of Mortgage Advisors who can help to find you the best finance deal.

Your designated property expert will keep in regular contact with you about the progress of your sale and which particular stage has been reached, and we’ll also send you our monthly House Price Index which gives you the latest property transaction numbers around your local area. With this, you’ll be able to see how many properties have been sold all around our core areas of London and Surrey and monitor the property type statistics on a regional and national level.

Staying on top of your finances with dot financial services

When you decide that you want to start the processes of selling your property, there are costs that you must take into consideration before starting to market your home.

If you’re still paying the mortgage on the property you want to sell, you’ll need to find out whether it is portable. Essentially, this means whether you can transfer your current agreement to your new home.

However, depending on if you’re up-sizing or down-sizing, your lender will need to be satisfied with the price of the new house as well as being certain that you pass all of the usual affordability tests.

Our partner brand, dot financial services can help you deal with the financial aspect of selling and moving home. They can offer a choice from thousands of mortgages across over ninety lenders to find the deal that best suits you.

Marketing your property to the widest range of buyers possible

At Townends, we are proud to offer a comprehensive marketing package to all of our clients who want to sell.

When it comes to selling your property, we guarantee that we’ll present your property to the highest standards possible. We use detailed property descriptions; photography and we draw up clear floorplans of the residence before advertising it on the most visited property portals like Rightmove and Zoopla. We also advertise on our own website,, which attracts over 20,000 page views every week*.

Additionally, we will leverage our ever-increasing database of house-hunters looking to purchase a property just like yours. Our consultants will phone all the prospective applicants and book them in for face-to-face viewings of your property and if the need arises, we can also arrange open-house viewing events to maximise the number of people that see your home.

We are continuously looking for new and innovative ways to market your property and that is why we also advertise on Google, actively encouraging new buyers to register and view your residence. In addition to this, we share the information about your home on our social media channels, thus further increasing its exposure to people looking for their next home. Additionally, we have invested in advertising which places us on websites such as The Guardian, Sky Sports and Glamour to further attract people to Townends.

Selling your property at Auction

Ever thought of the possibility of selling your home at an auction? Depending on your timescales, Townends can also manage this scenario which could further increase the number of interested buyers. Find out more about Auctions today.

Setting the right price

When you decide on an asking price for your property, it’s sometimes tempting to go high and see what happens. However, this can mean that genuine buyers might perceive it to be out of their price range and go elsewhere.
Our property experts will work with you to use the information we provide from our free valuation along with our House Price Index to determine what your home is worth. Our property experts will always bear any special features your home may have in mind and your personal sales timelines to help you to come to the right price.

Viewings and negotiating offers

Townends helps to manage the time-consuming processes of organising and carrying out viewings.

Your designated property consultant will let you know well in advance if there are any viewings booked in for your property. Whenever possible and if convenient for you, we will try to arrange numerous viewings during a single day to encourage more than one offer.

It’s a good idea to be out of the house during appointments so potential buyers feel free to view the house in their own time. We highly recommend giving your house a thorough clean before each scheduled viewing and if you have any pets, tidy away any bedding and food bowls. By arranging fresh flowers or using a subtle diffuser, you can easily get the house smelling fresh.

Also consider tidying the garden path if there is one, sweeping away any leaves or clutter which may obstruct the entrance. First impressions really do count and you want the first image of your property to be a tidy and organised one to any prospective buyers.

After each viewing, we will provide you with all the feedback so you can make any tweaks to the house for the next showing. We will notify you of any offers immediately, as soon as they’re received. That way, we can negotiate the best price on your behalf.

When the offers do start coming in, remember to factor in the individual circumstances of the buyer. Do they have their own property to sell? Are they a first-time buyer? Knowing these answers can help you gauge your sales timelines.

Due to the research we put in on all prospective applicants, we will always be fully aware of your buyer’s circumstances, putting us in the best position to manage your sale to completion.

In order to reduce the risk of a sale falling through, we will always check the financial status of all potential buyers using our sister company; dot financial services. Our dedicated in-house Mortgage and Protection experts then confirm whether your property is realistically within each potential buyer’s price range to ensure all offers are viable.

If your chosen buyer is also selling a property, our Branch Teams will thoroughly check the status of all parties in the ongoing chain to gauge realistic timescales so we can efficiently manage the sale to completion.

Get a head start on your conveyancing with our partner Move With Us

As you’ll know, selling a property is likely to be one of the most expensive transactions you’ll ever make and the legal paperwork behind every single stage is extremely detailed.

Our conveyancing service is handled by a fully qualified panel of dedicated conveyancers who are committed to delivering an exceptional level of service to our clients. All of our recommended conveyancers are regulated by either the Solicitors Regulation Authority or the Council for Licensed Conveyancers.

Our expert conveyancing team helps you stay ahead of the competition by getting all the legal documentation in place and getting fully prepared for the legalities well in advance. This removes potential delays and gives you the peace of mind that all the specifics are in the right hands.

Once you are legally prepared, you can relax in the knowledge that you are ready to move forward once a sale has been agreed and that you’re one step further to handing those keys over.

Accepting an offer and benefitting from the assistance of our internal Sales Progression Team

As your agent, we are legally required to let you know of every offer that is made on your property. However, you’re empowered to make the decisions and reject any of these outright.

Obviously, negotiation forms a large part of the process and you’ll receive offers that you’ll want to discuss further, especially if the offer has come from an attractive buyer who doesn’t have a property to sell in a chain.

Townends can negotiate all the finer details involved too, such as whether any furniture or appliances can be sold with the property. We’ll always confirm with you about what’s involved in the sale and we’ll never negotiate any furniture or appliances without your given consent.

When thinking about an offer, you should always consider for how long your property has been on the market and how quickly you’d like to move. These questions will sway your thinking and could influence which offer you choose to accept.

Your Townends property expert will always be the first point of call to advise you on the best course of action, but you’ll be most familiar with your own motivations for moving and the final decision will always be yours.

Once you’re happy with an offer, you’ll be able to formally accept it. At this point, we will take the property off the market and identify it as ‘sold subject to contract’.

It will then be passed on to our internal Sales Progression Team who will go through the formal procedures step by step, informing everyone involved in the process exactly what is happening at every stage. You’ll wonder what happened to the stress of moving home when Townends is involved as we’ll manage everything at all times.

We have numerous ways to make absolutely sure that your sale stays on track.

Our expert team fully explains the process to all buyers and sellers, giving vendors and purchasers just a single point of contact thus reducing fall through rates and saving administration time. Townends believes in making sure communication between all parties is efficient, productive and simple.

Exchange of contracts and completion

When all the legal work has been carried out, you are ready to exchange contracts and a non-refundable deposit (usually 10% of the purchase price) is sent to your solicitor/conveyancer.

The contracts can now be signed and it’s at this stage that both parties are legally bound to complete the transaction and both parties will need to work out a convenient completion date. Normally, they’re between one and two weeks after the contracts have been signed.

Once your solicitor/conveyancer has received the money and the date for handing over the keys has been agreed upon, your sale will officially be complete, and the buyer can move in.

However, another piece of advice. Before handing over the keys, don’t forget to take meter readings and leave any essential operating manuals or a written guide which help the new owners understand how the appliances work.

One more thing, they’ll also appreciate the gesture of you re-directing the post to your new address, so they don’t receive your mail and have to forward it on!

If you’re also looking to buy a property…

At Townends, we provide our customers more than just a comprehensive service of selling their home quickly and efficiently. Alongside our unrivalled sales service, we are also able to assist with buying property with our passionate and dedicated in-house teams. So, why not register as a buyer or speak to your expert property consultant about other properties for sale in your chosen locations all across London and Surrey.

Find out more about our complete sales solution

As part of our complete sales solution and to assist you further, we also offer Conveyancing, Mortgages, Protection, Surveying, Property Maintenance and Refurbishment services. Find out more about our range of property services now:


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