Your tenancy is now in your hands with our online tenancy management portal

Our online tenancy management portal and maintenance reporting tool enables you to check statements, review paperwork and report maintenance issues 24/7 – allowing you to take control of your property.

My Portal gives managed landlords greater visibility to key elements of their tenancy. You can access digital contracts, tenants’ details, online statements, pending work orders and downloadable documents such as inventories, EPCs, deposit certificates and more via the online portal.

The maintenance reporting tool allows tenants to report repairs and maintenance requirements more easily.

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Report property maintenance issues online

The best way to report and manage repairs and maintenance problems.

Report maintenance issues with your property 24/7 with our online maintenance reporting service, helping us protect your property around the clock.

  • Faster fixes – detailed reports help us fix your issues quickly and efficiently

  • Easy tracking – you get a time and date stamped record of your repair

  • Clearer communication – report in your native language (over 40 different languages to from)

  • Helpful tips to guide you – the system recognises frequently reported and emergency issues which will give you advice of what you should do.