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Inclusive Management - The premier tool in people and property management

We know better than anyone that being a landlord is a 24-7 job. Whether it's spending a bank holiday weekend painting and decorating or taking that maintenance phone call, we've all done it.

The experience that Townends has gained over 25 years of helping to let houses and flats all over London and Surrey has stood us in great stead to help landlords with everything that can cause a real headache. Whether it's the continued maintenance and repair works that keep tenants happy enough to carry on paying their rent, or staying ahead of the game regarding ever-changing legislation, we're always here to help. In short, letting us do the hard work for you means you can take care of the best part of being a landlord; your profit.

We provide a range of services which mean that as a landlord, you no longer need to worry about the long to do list. We'll manage the property. from the right-to-rent checks right and AML legislation, up to the return of a tenancy deposit, it's our job to make sure that the let is compliant and that a tenancy runs smoothly, from beginning to end.

Taking care of your investment

Although every letting agent will say they’re specialists in property management, we actively demonstrate it. Our expertise is evolving every single day and that shows in all team member at Townends. Our fully qualified members of staff are constantly re-evaluating the systems and processes we use in order to fully maximise the rewards you reap as a landlord.

The know-how we employ at every stage of managing your property means you’ll be looked after by our Branch Staff, Move-In Managers, Property Managers, Renewals Managers and Accounts Team – each team member a genuine expert in their role.

In fact, we're certain of our excellent level of customer service, so much so, it's been recognised by the fact we're ARLA Propertymark trained and certified.

Getting your property valued

If you're looking to get an accurate and detailed valuation of your property, there's no better place to come than Townends.

We'll send one of our fully trained Valuation Specialists around to provide a free in-depth valuation of your home and how it compared with the Market Comparables.

We know your home is unique. Realising this then assists us when the time comes to market the property to the applicant tenants as we know its specific selling points almost as well as you. That's why we're so proficient in matching the perfect type of tenant with your asset; we treat your property as though it were our own.

Inclusive Management - covering every base

Townends are the best choice if you want peace of mind. Whether you're a first-time landlord still finding your feet in the market, or an experienced investor looking to expand your portfolio, our Inclusive Management service covers every obligation you have. From full compliance checks to the return of a deposit, we'll make sure that the tenancy runs seamlessly from start to finish.

Every single house or flat is, in fact, a home. Therefore, we focus on each residence singularly. That's why we go above and beyond to provide a comprehensive market appraisal, considering every single factor about each specific property.

Our team members are specialists across London and Surrey, and so we understand exactly what affects the pricing of your property more than anyone. Our in-depth market appraisals will reduce the chances of void periods and increase the value of your investment. Basically, the knowledge we possess means we can match your property with the most suitable tenant, every time.

Finding the right tenants for your property

That's where we come in. We'll ensure right from the start that the tenant is the ideal match for your property, so that you enjoy the benefits of problem-free rental income.

Our accomplished and detailed marketing plan is designed to find exactly the right tenant for your property. We do this by accessing the widest pool of potential tenants possible utilising our effective marketing methods. Some of the processes involved are the following;

  • advertising on the most popular property portals, including Rightmove and Zoopla. Plus, the Townends website attracts over 20,000 page views every week
  • Google PPC advertising attracting the widest range of tenants to your property
  • personally getting to know our applicants to gauge their specific requirements for a new home
  • using our large database which details thousands of renters searching for a property like yours
  • presenting your property to the highest standard possible across all modes of media, complete with detailed descriptions, photography and floorplans
  • promoting your property on social media to further increase its reach
  • marketing your property through our eye-catching 'To Let' boards and in shop windows across our branch network

Expanding your reach with Zero Deposits

The lettings market can be really competitive. Your property needs to stand out from all the rest and it can be tough to know how to market it effectively. But this is yet another base we've got covered. The additional services we provide are designed to enhance your property's appeal to potential tenants even further. Our Zero Deposit Scheme provides an attractive alternative to taking a standard tenancy deposit, therefore providing your tenants with more flexibility and choice. It also allows us to market your property to a larger pool of potential tenants.

Preparing a tenancy

By carrying out the industry standard reference checks and producing an Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement (AST), we can fulfil our objective of providing a tenancy that’s free of problems from the very beginning right through to the very end.

Our Accounts Team manage all rent collection and account management with all funds held in a bonded client account. Then, once we've successfully sourced a suitable tenant for the property, our specialist Move-In Team will start their in-depth referencing procedures and detailed compliance checks.


The checks and balances that we undertake are some of the most stringent in the whole industry. We utilise the professional referencing service The Lettings Hub which allows us to assess, validate and verify every single tenant, giving us all the necessary information you need to make the all-important decision as to who lives in your property.

Right to Rent checks

All landlords in England must complete the formality of determining whether the tenant is able to legally rent the property. We work to establish the legal requisites are in order, including;

  • whether the tenant is a British or EEA citizen
  • whether the tenant has settled status
  • whether the tenant has visa authority to be in the UK

Producing an AST

We will produce an AST for your property and tenancy including any special clauses and factors agreed between you, the landlord, and the tenant. Our staff are experts at preparing a tenancy and all the necessary documentation to ensure that a tenancy is 100% compliant.

Tenancy Deposit Protection

If you choose to request a deposit from your tenants, you must legally ensure it is protected. Townends works in conjunction with mydeposits, which is a leading tenancy deposit protection scheme provider. Should a claim then arise, mydeposits also provides a free and impartial dispute resolution service. Our team possesses all the competence and experience needed to assist you with compiling relevant evidence if this is the case.

Check-in and Check-out

The best way of avoiding any claims regarding the return of a deposit and ensuring a mutually beneficial tenancy, is by compiling a thorough inventory and Check-In at the beginning of the lease. This also helps protect you as a landlord by accurately recording the current condition of your property and the contents within.

Included in our Check-in and Check-out assessments are essential smoke and carbon monoxide alarm tests which you are legally obliged to carry out as a landlord.

Rent and Legal Protection

Our Rent and Legal Protection insurance policy is beneficial for any landlord who chooses the Inclusive Management service. It means even if the worst-case scenario arises in whichever form, whatever happens, you can leave everything to us and manage the situation to a swift and satisfactory resolution.

A nice touch from Townends

Finally, our team will issue a welcome pack to your tenants, supported by an additional call to both you and the tenants to confirm that the tenancy has successfully begun.

Managing a tenancy

The Townends property management service leaves nothing to chance.

Having a specialist team that knows the subtle intricacies of people and property management really pays dividends. It's a common misconception that the day-to-day letting of a property is simple.

However, every property has its unique issues and tenants will always require support and knowledge of a professional lettings expert. From keeping up with legislative requirements to making sure repairs are made promptly, we stay ahead of the game in every aspect of managing your property.

Our Property Management Team are always your main point of contact whenever you need them. The skilled team is backed by some of the most effective technology in the lettings industry, which is designed to enable quick and efficient communication, allowing them to easily handle all contact with your tenants.

Ensuring you stay 100% compliant

The private rented sector is subject to increasingly complex regulation and legislation. The penalties for any breach of these obligations can be strict, so it’s important that these changes and requirements are constantly and meticulously managed. As a landlord, you are responsible for making sure that your property is fully compliant, ensuring;

  • you can supply a valid Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)
  • you complete regular gas safety checks
  • you carry out a fire risk assessment
  • you conduct a legionella risk assessment
  • all your furniture and furnishings meet the appropriate fire regulations

It’s worth noting that if you let a House of Multiple Occupation (HMO), you'll need to guarantee that you obtain the correct licence from your local council.

So, with compliance there's a lot to take on board and sometimes it can seem like once you've finished, you go back and start again as the laws have changed.

With our Inclusive Management service, all of your compliance requirements are continually reviewed by our team of experienced experts, dotting the I's and crossing the T's so that you don't have to. By choosing Inclusive Management, you're choosing peace of mind and letting the experts take care of it all.

Out of hours emergency contact team

We fully understand that some things just can’t wait. Because of this, tenants in our Inclusive Management properties can contact our property management team at any hour of the day, any day of the week.

We aim to fully provide both you as a landlord and every tenant with complete peace of mind. Townends promises that your property is always in safe hands.

Tenancy management portal

Landlords who use our Inclusive Management service have unlimited access to our online portal, allowing you to have complete visibility of your property. With just a few simple clicks, you can access records and download all the relevant information you require straight from your PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone, 24-7.

Our online portal means that you can:

  • manage your tax obligations
  • view and sign digital contracts
  • access property and tenant details
  • view and download key statements/ documents
  • access key contact information
  • view works orders
  • request a tenancy renewal
  • request a property re-let

Tenant repairs reporting tool

The well-being of your tenants is fundamental. Enabling them to report any repairs that need carrying out in a quick and effective manner will ensure that rent is paid on time.

Because of this, Townends has invested in Fixflo, our online tool which tenants in all Inclusive Management properties can access all day, every day in any one of over 40 languages.

By empowering the tenant to report issues directly using Fixflo, we can swiftly resolve any maintenance issue that may arise, all with minimal disruption to you.

Another bonus of Fixflo is that it will inform the tenants the maintenance issues that fall under their own responsibility to fix, and how do to so safely.

If we do need to outsource a problem to one of our assured contractors, because of Fixflo's detailed software, the majority of repairs can be resolved during the first visit, saving you time and money.

Utility management

Do you want to remove the hassle of supplying all the necessary utilities to your property? Inclusive Management offers landlords the option of our specifically designed Utility Management service, just for rental properties.

We have some of the most competitive prices and the best levels of service across the board.

Issues Management

The whole Townends team is fully dedicated to ensuring that from A to Z, the management of your property is a seamless process. However, sometimes issues do surface despite the best planning.

Some of the more common challenges our diligent team have to deal with include:

  • making sure both landlords and tenants fully comply with the latest regulatory changes
  • carrying out regular safety checks and confirming it complies to the highest possible standards
  • assisting tenants with any queries and making sure they are swiftly resolved
  • chasing tenants with rental arrears
  • activating Rent and Legal Protection products and processing subsequent claims, whether it’s the collection of rent to the repossession of a property
  • dealing with the complex processes of serving notice should landlords need to regain possession of a property
  • handling all end of tenancy requirements, including managing the return of a tenancy deposit and being able to provide strong case evidence if a dispute does arise

Over all the years we've been dealing with property over London and Surrey we've accumulated a thorough knowledge and know-how about the lettings market. It can be a very complicated and confusing sector to be involved in, so our know-how is invaluable.

The Inclusive Management service has been specifically created to make your life as a landlord as smooth as possible, whilst protecting your property to the highest degree.

Renegotiating a tenancy

When the lease comes to an end, all the details of your property will go to our Renewals and Re-lets team. It's their job to then renegotiate the tenancy terms which both you and the tenant will find completely satisfactory.

We'll take the following factors into consideration:

  • always negotiating new contracts at least three months in advance of the tenancy ending in order to prevent any void periods
  • aconducting all final safety checks and making sure your tenants are aware of their check-out obligations
  • amanaging all legal documentation and issuing the necessary information to your tenants
  • reissuing an AST, renegotiating rent and protecting tenancy deposits again
  • acompleting all the required compliance checks

Letting our experienced team manage the renegotiation process from start to finish is a great way of refreshing the professional relationship between you and your tenants, providing both parties with a welcome opportunity to highlight any concerns, or to agree distinct terms for the next stage of the contractual agreement.

Re-Letting your property

When the time comes to search for new tenants, our branch staff will re-market your property to our extensive applicant pool and start the lettings process again. We’ll know in advance when your property is coming up for re-let so that we can get a head start on finding you a new tenant before the lease is up, therefore reducing void periods and losing income.

The Complete Lettings Solution

We've spent years formulating and developing a comprehensive lettings service which lives up to the high expectations of landlords. If you choose to let your property through Townends, our objective is to deal with all the hassle that property letting includes, allowing you to enjoy the rewards.

If you'd like to test our knowledge directly, or discuss any aspect of our service, call us today to speak to one of our lettings team.

We also offer a number of other specialist property services. Contact your local branch today for more information about the following: