If you require a mortgage to buy your new home, then your mortgage lender will usually require a valuation to be carried out. However, this valuation is not a survey, but an assessment of the security of the property for loan purposes that benefit the lender.

To have a full understanding of the condition of your potential new property, having a property building survey carried out is highly recommended. A RICS Building Survey is a more thorough report and provides detailed advice in relation to any issues. Unlike a HomeBuyer Report, a Building Survey does not include a valuation, however this can be provided for an additional fee.

Most importantly, a Building Survey will uncover any defects, diagnose the cause and if required include estimates and further recommendations to remedy any issues.

They are suitable for all types of residential property and specialise in:

  • Older houses built before 1850
  • Listed properties
  • Property of non-traditional construction regardless of its age
  • Properties that have been substantially extended and altered

A property building survey report includes details of:

  • Major and minor faults
  • The implication of faults and a diagnosis of the cause
  • Results of testing for damp
  • Comments on damaged timbers including woodworm and rot
  • Details of the construction of the building
  • Information on the location
  • Details requiring further legal investigations

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