Should you hold an open house to sell your property?

News at Townends | 15/07/2016

Whilst holding an open house is not for every seller, when the market is strong and demand is high, it can be a very valuable marketing tool. It provides a great opportunity to showcase the desirability of a property to a larger audience, as well as allowing potential buyers to look around without feeling under pressure.


Here are our top tips to ensure your open house is a success.

  • Timing is everything – While there are no set rules to letting people know when your open house is taking place, you need to allow sufficient time to build up interest without losing momentum. A practical timeframe would be a minimum of one week but no more than two weeks.
  • Presence – On the day itself, make sure you aren’t there. When owners are at an open house it can make viewers feel a little uncomfortable about exploring as much as they would like to. You want anyone viewing your home to be relaxed so the agent can gauge their true feelings. Don’t worry about not being there to answer questions from potential buyers; your agent will be on hand to do this for you.
  • Don’t let anyone view the property before the open house –Unless there are genuine circumstances as to why a potential buyer can’t make it, it’s best that no one views the property before the date advertised. It’s the best way to make sure your open house is effective.
  • Get ready in advance – Holding an open house on a scheduled day and at a set time allows you to get ready and have your house in tip top condition. You should have everything looking its very best on the day of the event. Make sure it’s spotless, tidy and clutter free in advance, making the morning of the open house stress free for you.
  • Create a welcoming atmosphere – Although your house will be tidy, don’t forget the finishing touches. First impressions are everything so make your house feel homely by adding things like fresh flowers. Or even try the old trick of baking bread or making fresh coffee to make your property smell homely – just don’t make a mess!

Our experienced, professional agents can speak to you about the option of holding an open house to market your property. If you are thinking of selling and would like a FREE no obligation valuation, speak to your local branch today.