New Product: Zero Deposit Guarantee

News at Townends | 22/08/2018

Maximise your rental income and avoid move in delays with a Zero Deposit Guarantee.

Offering a Zero Deposit Guarantee as an option on your property helps you stand out from the crowd and attract a wider audience of tenants by reducing their upfront costs, which can lead to faster renting and higher rents.

A Zero Deposit Guarantee allows potential tenants to have to a different option to a traditional tenancy deposit, giving you the landlord, effectively the same cover and protection as having a tenancy deposit in the bank.

Your tenants make a payment equivalent to one week’s rent for a Zero Deposit Guarantee, at the end of the tenancy the inventory and check-out are completed and if your tenants leave the property in a satisfactory condition with no outstanding rent or bills, the Zero Deposit Guarantee expires with no further action required.

Bad tenants are not let off the hook. Less than 1% of tenancies end with a full dispute*, but when they do we’ve got your back. We pay approved claims directly to you and pursue the tenant for payment, with financial and credit record penalties if they fail to pay.

You can read more information about our Zero Deposit Guarantee here. If you want your properties to be available with Zero Deposit, to help attract the widest possible tenant audience, phone 020 3961 7776 or contact your local branch.

*source Tenancy Deposit Scheme April 2017