New HMO Regulations from 1st October 2018

News at Townends | 22/08/2018

New HMO Regulations from 1st October 2018

As of 1st October 2018 The Licensing of Houses in Multiple Occupation Regulations will be changing. Mandatory licensing will apply to buildings with one or two storeys, occupied by 5 or more people formed by 2 or more separate households.

Mandatory licensing will also apply to individual flats of multiple occupation, where they are in converted buildings or in purpose-built blocks of flats where the purpose-built block has not more than 2 flats in the block and they are occupied by 5 or more persons in 2 or more separate households.

Licenses will specify which rooms may be used for sleeping accommodation, the number of persons who may occupy such rooms and minimum sleeping accommodation room size conditions in an HMO. There is also a requirement to review the mandatory licensing requirement in 2023 and every five years thereafter.

What does this mean for you and what do you need to do?

If you are managing your own tenancy and you believe it falls into the new definition, you should contact your local authority and make an application before 1st October 2018.  Failure to apply before October 2018, presents a risk of prosecution, as well as affecting your ability to serve a s.21 notice requiring possession of your property should you need to.

Landlords who already have a license will not need to apply for a new license until their current license expires, even if that is after 1st October 2018. This will apply to existing HMO licences under a local authority additional licensing scheme as well as landlords who have a selective licence.

You can find the official Government guidance and requirements here. Should you have any queries please contact your Property Manager.