Legionella Frequently Asked Questions

News at Townends | 06/06/2018

Do I have to do anything?

Yes. You have to ensure that your property is risk and hazard free.

Legally, what do I have to do?

In accordance with the Health & Safety and the COSHH legislation you must ensure that your property is free from all risks and hazards, both seen and unseen.

Practically, what must I do?

If you’re unable to competently assess your property yourself, it is best practice to instruct a contractor trained to carry out a legionella assessment.

If you’re busy & don’t have the time to assess the property yourself, if you don’t live local to the property, if you’re going on holiday or if you wish to instruct someone to assess it on your behalf, authorise Townends  to attend to this for you.

I’m a flat in a block and block management / the management company deal with this.

The management company / block management will deal with the communal areas, including a communal water tank if there is one. You are still responsible for everything contained within the walls of your property.

I don’t have a cold water tank.

This will lower the risk, however, you do need to ensure that the whole of the water system is safe.

We have mains fed water.

This will lower the risk, however, you do need to ensure that the whole of the water system is safe.

I have an electric shower.

The sample testing carried out by Public Health England has found that there is no benefit from having an electric shower in this instance.

Isn’t cleaning the tenant’s responsibility?

Absolutely. Tenants need to ensure that they clean and look after your property as they would their own property. However, we know that everyone’s cleaning standard is different and we also know that there are some tenants who do very little cleaning, if at all.

Why is it my responsibility as a landlord?

You own the property and tenants pay you to live in the property. It is your responsibility to ensure they have a safe, warm space in which to live.

If I instruct Townends, what will you do for me?

All you have to do is say ‘yes’ and agree for the payment to be deducted from your rental income if you are a managed or a rent collect client. If you are a Let Only client you will need to make payment before we can instruct the third party company. This can be done via World Pay or bank transfer.

Townends will:

  • Instruct a third party company with whom we have secured a preferable business-to-business rate. Their engineers have been fully trained in legionella assessments, amongst other services, and every staff member has been police checked.
  • Aid in gaining access to the property either using the management keys or by tenant access. Similarly, if we are having difficulties in gaining access to the property we will keep you informed.
  • Forward the completed assessment to you for you to keep on your property file for a minimum of 6 years.
  • Update our records.
  • Make the assessment available on the portal system.
  • If works are required, we will arrange a quotation from INEX Property Solutions for your consideration.

Call 01932 736 546 or speak to your property manager to book your assessment.