How to make your rental property feel like home

News at Townends | 15/09/2017

Renting should not stop you from adding personal touches to suit your own taste. So, while there are still limitations, there are more temporary solutions and tricks of the trade than ever before.

Here are our top tips to help you make your rental property a home and not upset your landlord

1. Furniture and soft furnishings – If you live in an unfurnished property, then this is the best way you can make your mark by choosing a sofa, dining table, bed etc. that suits your taste. If the property is already furnished, consider purchasing your own soft-furnishings. Cushions and curtains can transform the look and feel of a room.

2. Art and Photos – Most landlords will not want you to put nails in the wall, in which case display photos in standing frames on shelves and window sills. There are even options like special tape which won’t damage the wall and can be easily removed.

3. Accessories – It’s often the finishing touches in a home that make it what it is. Consider stylish accessories such as dramatic floor lamps, colourful rugs, candles, lanterns, artificial plants/flowers and vases.

4. Space – Use floor standing mirrors to help create the illusion of light and space. Or consider a decorative free-standing room divider to separate open plan rooms.

5. Temporary Décor – Head to your local DIY store to explore the many temporary options available.

6. Decorate – In most rental properties this will be a no-no. Check with your landlord before making any changes to save any disputes at the end of your tenancy.

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