Holiday Top Tips for Peace of Mind for Tenants

News at Townends | 29/07/2016

With the summer holiday season now upon us and the flurry of shopping, packing and deciding what to take without exceeding the airlines baggage limit, it is easy to forget about taking a few precautionary steps to ensure your property is trouble-free and energy efficient whilst you are away.


  • Boiler – don’t forget to turn the boiler off the water heating control as well as the central heating.
  • Appliances – unplug appliances, except the fridge/freezer. If you have an, ‘intelligent’ or ‘American’ fridge/freezer put it into ‘holiday’ mode and don’t forget to do the same with the ice maker. If however you have a standard fridge/freezer, turn the temperature to ‘low’.
  • Stopcock – locate your stop cock prior to your travel date and remember to turn it off before you leave the house.
  • Windows – check that all the windows close and lock properly as any insurance policy is likely to be invalid if they are not secured properly.
  • Drains – check your drains and clear any leaves or other debris which may have accumulated.
  • Dustbins – make sure your dustbins are empty and don’t leave them on the road.
  • Lawn – if you have a lawn, mow it before you go.
  • Don’t announce your holiday plans – be cautious about announcing your plans on social media.
  • Hold your post/deliveries – a pile up of post can be a sure sign that you are away.
  • Neighbours – let your neighbours know that you are going away so that they can then keep an eye on the property for you.
  • Lights – if possible, set your lights on a timer so that the property looks lived in but please do not leave the lights on constantly.

Now is also a great time to make us aware of any niggling issues at the property which you would like us to discuss with your landlord. Remember fixing minor issues today could prevent major issues occurring tomorrow, it is therefore important that you contact us at the earliest opportunity. Ask our experts by emailing or by speaking to one of our Property Managers on 01932 736 505.

We hope you enjoy your summer break!