Five ways to prepare for a viewing

News at Townends | 15/06/2018

Great news, you’ve secured a viewing on your property, exciting times! Naturally, you’re keen to impress the prospective buyers and show off your home in all its glory. With a little effort, you can help craft that all-important welcoming and lasting first impression.

Here are five things you should do before a viewing, to show off your home in the most engaging of lights and catch the eye of potential buyers.

1.       Tidy up

Clutter can be distracting. Before a viewing, grab a box and scoop up any clutter from each room, including paperwork, laundry and the kids’ toys. Place the box where it can’t be seen.

A clutter-free interior will help prospective buyers be able to envisage having their own furniture, fittings and belongings in the home. Remember that you’re not just selling a home, you’re selling a lifestyle. The easier you can make it for buyers to picture themselves living there, enjoying drinks on the patio with friends or a snuggly family evening in the living room, the more chance you have of closing the deal!

2.       Do the gardening and place hanging baskets strategically round the exterior

If you’ve ever browsed properties for sale online, you’re bound to have noticed how much more attractive homes look with some greenery around the entrance. You can add a dash of charm and character to your front door easily with some well-maintained hanging baskets bursting with flowers and greenery. It’s also an excellent idea to spend an afternoon tidying the garden, doing the weeding, re-painting faded fences and furniture and cutting back any unruly hedges or bushes.

3.       Buy some fresh flowers

Like external areas, adding some greenery and colour can really brighten up the inside of your home. It doesn’t cost much to buy a beautiful bouquet or a house plant, but viewers will really appreciate this small but important gesture. 

4.       Hide the pets

An obvious sign of pets all over the house, or even pets themselves getting under your visitors’ feet, can be off-putting to prospective buyers who aren’t pet owners themselves. If it’s possible, perhaps consider asking a friend or relative to do some pet-sitting for the day and hide away all the pet paraphernalia.

Make sure to air out the house or use an air freshener just in case of lingering pet odours! You may not even notice them anymore, but viewers with a sensitive nose may do.

5.       Be yourself!

If you’ll be present during viewings, try your best to relax.  Remember – you’ve done your preparation and have a gorgeous house that any buyer would be lucky to snap up. Smile, answer questions as honestly as possible but ultimately - just be yourself!

Follow these golden viewing rules and the prospective buyers are likely to walk away feeling impressed with the property, putting you closer to that highly-anticipated offer. It will also make you feel happy that you’ve done everything you can to show off your home to the maximum.

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