Essential questions to ask on a property viewing

News at Townends | 25/08/2017

Viewings are an important part of the buying or renting process: they help you get a feel for the property, the neighbourhood and whether you can see yourself living there.

Read on for our top 20 questions to ask when on your next viewing.

Top 20 tips from Townends

Viewings give you an opportunity to ask questions so you have the full picture before thinking about putting in an offer. Here are our top 20 questions to ask when you are on a viewing:

1. Why are the current owners/tenants moving?
2. How long has the property been on the market? What interest has it had so far?
3. Have there been any renovations? If so, what?
4. If it needs further improvements or modernisation, how much could it cost?
5. If you are in an apartment, who lives next door or upstairs/downstairs?
6. Have there been any disputes/issues with the neighbours?
7. When did the boiler last have a service? Have there been any problems with it?
8. Can I see electrical and gas installation checks/reports?
9. What are the average costs of utility bills?
10. If it’s an apartment, how much are the service charges and ground rent?
11. Which council tax band is it in and how much does it cost?
12. What’s included with the property? Are fittings or white goods included? If renting, does it come furnished?
13. If there is a loft, has it been insulated? If so, how long ago?
14. Are there any parking issues?
15. What are the noise levels like from nearby roads, railway lines etc?
16. What’s the local community like?
17. If you have or are planning on having children, what are the local schools like?
18. Are there any known plans for development in the area?
19. What are crime levels like in the area?
20. What is the public transport like and are local amenities easily accessible?

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